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Providing a safe and secure child care environment is our highest priority. Whether it’s the little details like sanitizing toys on a regular basis or the big ones like our electronic locks system — they all add up to a safe and clean environment in which you can feel every effort is being made to keep your child safe, happy and healthy.

A well-planned child care environment helps promote a child’s inquisitiveness and approach to the learning process. Our childcare facility is specifically designed to provide a warm, intimate and secure environment for children to learn, explore and grow at their own pace.

The Imaginarium For Kids has a set of safety and security procedures and standards that we strictly enforce. Some of the highlights include:

Every entrance to Imaginarium For Kids is equipped with an electronic key fob. All parents must use the key fob to enter, while all visitors are greeted at the door and be assisted.

A visitor listed as an authorized person to pick up a child must show photo identification if the childcare’s supervisor and/or associate do not know him/her.

Equipment safety. Some of the many equipment precautions we take include child-sized tables that are “non-tippable” and regular monitoring of equipment to ensure it is in good working order.

Each one of our classrooms is designed to specifically support and encourage a child’s growth depending on his or her age group. Here are a few examples:

Infant room: This room includes a sleeping area and a play area with appropriate materials to promote optimal development.

Toddlers: These rooms address the age group’s wide range of developmental skills with the use of learning centers.

Preschool and Kindergarten: These children are provided with environments that encourage social interaction, individual exploration and opportunities to test their independence.