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Infant Program

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Nurturing and Responsive Infant Care

(6 months – 1.5 years)

Max group size: 10 children

Teacher to student ratio: 1:3

Monday - Friday: 7 am – 6:00 pm

13070 Yonge St #2, Richmond Hill, ON

(905) 773–3077

Highly responsive care early in life is critical to your child’s success in school, relationships and in life. Imaginarium For Kids provides a safe daycare environment where your baby will not only be loved and cared for—but where our highly trained teachers will work to stimulate your baby’s cognitive,emotional and physical development through movement, exploration and one-on-one nurturing.

At Imaginarium For Kids we are committed to maintaining teacher to student ratio of 1:3, when the maximum number of children inside Infant group is 10. The infants follow a schedule, according to their parent’s requirements, with regards to feeding and rest. We have a regular table food menu of snacks and lunches. As long as your child can follow this menu, we will provide these foods. The classroom teachers will work closely with the parents to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met. You will receive a log of your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities every day, so you can be confident your baby will experience a nurturing and calming environment, focused on developing positive and trusting relationships.

Your Baby’s Day

The infant classroom at Imaginarium For Kids child care is equipped with areas designed to stimulate your baby’s learning. In addition to providing standard care and play time, throughout the day, your infant’s teacher will engage your child through:

Cognitive Development

Exploring objects using the senses; imitation; discovering object permanence; exploring the concept of same and different, cause and effect, anticipating familiar events; goal oriented; associating properties with things; awareness of surroundings; tracking objects; early concept of quantity; one-to-one correspondence, listening and responding; babbles, imitating sounds and awareness of the function of spoken language.

Social Development

Paying close attention to your child’s individuality, teachers actively communicate love and acceptance through body language, tone of voice, gentle touch and a pleasing environment. Our safe and nurturing atmosphere fosters basic trust, allowing the mystery in every child to unfold.


Infants use their senses and bodies to learn about the world. Our Movement Area allows your baby to move and participate in teacher-guidedphysical development exercises. In this area you might see soft play equipment, climbers, mats, balls, push and pull toys and more.This interest center helps your child make sense of their world as they use their imagination and problem-solving abilities. Items to stimulate imagination like dolls and accessories, kitchen sets and play food.


Manipulating objects and interacting with different materials helps babies learn early math and science concepts like size, shape and texture, and practice key skills like hand-eye coordination. In the Exploration Area, your baby will play with soft blocks, big cars and trucks, knobbed puzzles, nesting cups and more.

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